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The diving we offer

The most interesting dives are being conducted as drift dives through the passes (with current going inward, 6 hours a day).

raie manta An instructor is in the water at all times and the boat's skipper insures topside safety by following the dive group with the boat.

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These dives are recommended for advanced divers. plongeurs dans la passe

We typically offer 2 dives a day.

As far as PADI cruises go, we can offer up to 3 dives per day.It should be noted however that in most cases we offer one drift dive only, with the 2 subsequent dives being conducted on a reef or inside the lagoon.

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Water temperature ranges from 25°C (77 degrees F) in September to 29°C (84 degrees F) in March.

There is no thermocline and the visibility is excellent all year round… .